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Let's make interviewing easier! Introducing InterviewPlan

A Revolutionary Tool That Transforms The Interviewing Process

In today’s fast-paced business world, the importance of hiring the right talent cannot be overstated. However, the interview process can often be tedious, inconsistent, and inefficient. As recruiters and hiring managers, you need a tool that not only streamlines this process but also ensures that you are able to evaluate and select the best talent. Enter InterviewPlan - a groundbreaking platform that makes interviews simple, so you can focus on what truly matters - finding exceptional talent.

AI-Generated Interview Plans at Your Fingertips

As a hiring professional, preparing for an interview can be time-consuming. With InterviewPlan, you can leave the worries of planning behind. Our AI-enhanced platform generates tailor-made interview plans that are perfectly suited for any job. Whether you're an independent recruiter juggling multiple clients or a manager looking to expand your team, InterviewPlan’s AI-generated interview plans are here to save the day.

Interview Mode: Clarity, Focus, and Efficiency

During an interview, it’s essential to stay focused on the candidate. InterviewPlan’s user-friendly Interview Mode ensures that you know exactly what questions to ask. And here’s the kicker - you don’t even need to touch the mouse! This mode is designed to be insanely intuitive, allowing you to capture notes and score candidates’ answers effortlessly.

The Magic of Resume Chat

One of the unique features of InterviewPlan is the Resume Chat. This feature allows hiring managers to interact with a language model to ask specifics about the data in the resumes. No more sifting through pages to find that one piece of information. With Resume Chat, all the information you need is just a conversation away.

Consistent Resumes - Every Single Time

We all know that resumes come in all shapes and sizes. InterviewPlan takes care of this too! Our resume parser ensures that no matter how candidates have formatted their resumes, they are converted into a consistent format, making it easier for you to review and compare.

Affordable and Accessible to All

We believe that finding the right talent shouldn’t be an expensive affair. That’s why InterviewPlan comes with a free account that includes 12k tokens. Need more? You can purchase additional tokens as needed. For unlimited interviews and 12k additional tokens every month, you can opt for our Pro Plan at just $15 a month.

The Future of Hiring is Here

InterviewPlan is not just a tool; it’s a revolution in the hiring process. With its AI-powered features, intuitive design, and affordable pricing, InterviewPlan is set to redefine the way you conduct interviews. Say goodbye to the complexities and inefficiencies of the traditional interviewing process and embrace the simplicity and power of InterviewPlan. The future of hiring is here, and it’s simpler than ever.

Unlock the full potential of your hiring process with InterviewPlan - where simple interviews lead to exceptional talent.

Generate, Interview, Hire!

InterviewPlan is the platform for hiring managers and recruiters who want to stop focusing on the tedium, and start focusing on finding great talent.