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Adding Bamboo HR to InterviewPlan

When you're in the thick of recruiting, organizing information between various platforms can be cumbersome. Thankfully, connecting Bamboo HR to InterviewPlan makes managing your interviewing process simpler and more efficient. By following this guide, you'll seamlessly blend your HR tools to keep your open jobs and candidates in one place.

Why Connect Bamboo HR to InterviewPlan?

By linking these platforms, you'll gain easy access to all of your open jobs and candidates right from InterviewPlan. When it's time to draft a new interview plan, you can refer to your open positions from Bamboo HR. During the interviewing stage, you have the option to browse all candidates, or only those who applied for the specific job for which the interview plan was created.

How to Get Your Bamboo HR API Key

Connecting Bamboo HR to InterviewPlan requires an API key from Bamboo HR and your organization's Subdomain. Follow these steps to get your API Key:

  1. Login to your Bamboo HR account.
  2. Click your Avatar/User menu located at the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select "API Keys".
  4. Follow the provided instructions to generate an API key, and name it "InterviewPlan".
  5. Write down your API key in a secure location; you won't be able to access it again.

BambooHR Get your API Key

Connecting to InterviewPlan

Once you have your API Key, you're ready to link Bamboo HR to InterviewPlan. To do this:

  1. Login to InterviewPlan.
  2. Click your User Menu in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select "Settings".
  4. Choose "Integrations".
  5. Tap "Connect" next to Bamboo HR.
  6. Enter your API Key and your Subdomain.
  7. Tap "Connect".

interviewPlan Connecting Bamboo HR

A success notification should appear, signaling your successful connection to Bamboo HR.

Using Bamboo HR with InterviewPlan

Now that you have connected Bamboo HR to InterviewPlan, you can create an Interview Plan based on your open jobs in Bamboo HR. Once your Interview Plan is complete, you'll be able to add candidates from Bamboo HR, whose profiles and resumes will be automatically imported into InterviewPlan.

After conducting an interview with a candidate imported from Bamboo HR, you'll have the option to send the interview notes and scores back to Bamboo HR as a Candidate Note, thus centralizing your recruiting process.

Generate, Interview, Hire!

InterviewPlan is the platform for hiring managers and recruiters who want to stop focusing on the tedium, and start focusing on finding great talent.