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Get Smarter Every Day with these top 10 Recruiting Podcasts

Looking for a diverse perspectives, or a dose of inspiration during your commute, workout, or lunch break? In this blog post, we've curated a list of the top 10 HR and recruiting podcasts that are making waves in the industry. From discussions on HR technology to leadership advice, these podcasts offer a wealth of information right at your fingertips. So, grab your headphones and let's dive into the world of HR podcasts!

  1. HR Happy Hour Hosted by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane, this podcast covers a variety of topics, from tech to management and leadership. Listen on iTunes

  2. CIPD podcast This podcast is one of the longest-running HR podcasts. The host changes each week as a different person from the community discusses anything from performance management to cybersecurity. Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud

  3. Transform Your Workplace This podcast is geared towards small businesses and covers topics that will help your business grow in the most effective way. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher

  4. DriveThruHR This podcast creates fun, easily digested conversations around HR topics. It started as a daily radio show in 2010 and shifted into a podcast. Listen on iTunes

  5. HR Break Room Hosts Caleb Masters and Chelsea Justice from Paycom gather their listeners around the virtual coffee machine for some real talk about HR technology. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play

  6. Emotion @ Work Host Phil Willcox opens every episode of this podcast with a personal question. He uses that question to dive into a deeper conversation about emotions, and how they influence our working lives. Listen on iTunes or the website

  7. Training Journal Podcast This podcast specializes in one topic, and it’s one that is usually neglected in HR — learning and development. Listen on iTunes or SoundCloud

  8. HR Leaders Podcast Each episode, host Christopher Rainey is joined by HR executives and thought leaders from the world’s most successful brands, where they talk about their journey through HR. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify

  9. The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast Hosts Jon Thurmond and Wendy Dailey combine a conversation with HR experts on the episode along with the monthly Twitter thread #HRSocialHour, to help you grow your network while you’re learning about HR. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher

  10. Talent Magnet Institute Podcast This Podcast is committed to developing leaders to succeed in relationships, work, community, and life. They reframe what success means, and you’ll hear the personal stories of successful leaders from around the globe. Listen on iTunes

Please note that the frequency of release and the duration of each podcast may vary.

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