A better way to Interview.


Don't sweat the note-taking. Our Interview Mode lets you breeze through your plan, jot down notes, and rate answers - mouse-free.

AI-Generated Interview Plans

Our AI analyzes job requirements and industry insights to generate the perfect interview plan with real-world scenarios for any type of job.. Get the confidence of knowing you're asking the right questions to uncover true potential and find the ideal fit for your team.

Guided Interview Mode

Effortlessly navigate through the interview process with crystal-clear guidance at every step. Capture detailed notes, evaluate responses, and conduct interviews seamlessly, all without the need for a mouse. When you're done, simply share the results with your team, or sync them with your ATS.

Chat with Resumes

Resume Chat will forever change how you engage with candidate resumes. Ask specific questions in a conversational manner and get instant insights. Experience the thrill of interactive resume evaluation, making the entire process efficient, engaging, and, dare we say, fun!

Meet your AI Team

A unique assembly of AI-driven HR agents, each designed with a specialized focus to revolutionize your HR processes. From crafting compelling job descriptions, bolstering your diversity and inclusion strategies, to empathetically penning rejection letters, our suite of AI agents stands ready to transform your daily operations.

ATS Plug-ins

With InterviewPlan's seamless integration to ATS' like Bamboo HR and Workable, you can easily pull in available job listings to create your tailored Interview Plans, and import candidate profiles and resume for when it's time to conduct your interview.


Enjoy a free account with 12k tokens and easily purchase more as needed. Upgrade to our Pro Plan for unlimited interviews and additional tokens each month.


Perfect for Kicking the Tires

FREE /month
  • 12k Tokens One-Time
  • 20 Interviews
  • Unlimited Candidates
  • No Setup or hidden fees
  • AI Resume Chat
  • Free Monthly Tokens


Ready to Crush those Interviews?

$20 /month
  • +20k Tokens Each Month
  • Unlimited Interviews
  • Unlimited Candidates
  • No Setup or hidden fees
  • AI Resume Chat
  • Integrations


Ready to Crush those Interviews?

  • +100k Tokens Each Month
  • Unlimited Interviews
  • Unlimited Candidates
  • Team Sharing
  • AI Resume Chat
  • Custom Integrations

Generate, Interview, Hire!

InterviewPlan is the platform for hiring managers and recruiters who want to stop focusing on the tedium, and start focusing on finding great talent.